Sustainable Cooling System

We are committed to continuously improve our products and processes, meeting the high demands of our customers while also taking care about our environment. We've implemented that into the Sustainable Cooling System, which is part of a new generation of cooling equipment. With its integrated diagnosis system, you are already a step ahead:

The big advantages are the energy saving capabilities, greatly reducing your costs and your carbon footprint.

While there is a huge market potential for draught soft drinks, energy consumption is a growing issue. This is where the Sustainable Cooling System joins the game with its completely new design, saving up to 40% of your energy compared to conventional technology. This is achieved through:

• improving the insulation and the cooling circuit

• closed-loop, active control of the agitator and cooling pumps

• new concepts in line cooling and heat-exchanging technology

And there's more:

Continuously monitoring its condition through an extensive onboard process control system, the Sustainable Cooling System detects performance problems and alerts your local service partner before the defect actually occurs. Any signs of ill health in your system are recognised and signalled to the service controller, who knows something is amiss before the account do.
Service engineers automatically know when it's time for them to pay you a call to come armed with the right spare parts, every time.
For you, this means downtime and operational costs are greatly reduced.

Once the System is installed it not only keeps an eye on what's happening in the present - it enables you to build up a machine history so you can actively manage your assets. It's intelligent diagnostics dramatically simplify your service requirements, while advanced communication modules enable web-based monitoring, delivering diagnostic and sales throughput data when and where you need it. The Sustainable Cooling System works smarter and simpler, keeping lifetime costs to the minimum.

For you, this means:

Your system will work efficiently and effectively, reducing your carbon footprint and saving energy costs - guaranteed.