Country savings by Cornelius sustainable products

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Please move the cursor on the respective country to see its energy and CO2 savings.


  • PearlMax4s the new water dispenser

    PearlMax4s is the upgraded version of the PearlMax4. It features henceforth a new touch pad control panel which provides an enhanced overall look of the unit combined with a more comfortable operation and easier cleaning of this area. Like its predecessor, the PearlMax4s is a self-contained water dispenser offering outstanding carbonation and cooling performance.


  • Pearl Mini the new water dispenser

    The PearlMini is the latest over counter development with a stylish flexible design in the water sector. Designed to be operated as a standard over counter cooler, it also offers the possibility to separate the tower from the cooler by mounting the dispensing tower on a stable surface at the serving location and installing the cooling unit underneath.


  • European Parts Catalogue

    The new Cornelius European Parts Catalogue is now available in PDF format. It contains all relevant spare parts and accessories for our cooling and dispensing systems.


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