Country savings by Cornelius sustainable products

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Please move the cursor on the respective country to see its energy and CO2 savings.


  • A look back at Brau Beviale 2014

    Among the highlights was the PearlMini, the latest development in countertop water dispensing that immediately caught the eye of visitors with its modern design. The PearlMini dispenses cooled, carbonated, medium carbonated and non-carbonated water.


  • Pearl Mini the new water dispenser

    The PearlMini is the latest over counter development with a stylish flexible design in the water sector. Designed to be operated as a standard over counter cooler, it also offers the possibility to separate the tower from the cooler by mounting the dispensing tower on a stable surface at the serving location and installing the cooling unit underneath.


  • European Parts Catalogue

    The new Cornelius European Parts Catalogue is now available in PDF format. It contains all relevant spare parts and accessories for our cooling and dispensing systems.


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