Cornelius looks back at a successful drinktec 2013

Cornelius presented itself with a new open stand design on which visitors discovered a diversity of new technologies and designs. One of the highlights was the measurement of energy consumption on the following three coolers: the conventional CR70, the new CR70 Plus with a patented variable agitator motor and the ecoFlo70 which is manufactured totally from energy efficient components.
The energy measurement showed that the ecoFlo70 and the CR70 Plus were clearly more efficient than conventional technology.

The classic CR70 was used as a benchmark for the current energy consumption of the beer cooler market. The CR70Plus saved approximately 40% and the ecoFlo 70% energy compared to a conventional beer cooler. Besides the energy savings both CR70 Plus and ecoFlo70 reduce operational costs due to less load and strain on key components resulting in improved life and reliability of the coolers.

In the water sector it was especially the Aquatower4 with its modern design which attracted a lot of attention. The Aqua Tower4 dispenses chilled, sparkling and plain drinking water. It's dispense nozzle is protected against direct access from fingers, glasses and bottles etc, and is specially coated to meet today's exacting hygiene standards. The Aqua Tower4 also operates perfectly with the new Pearlmax4 under counter and is connected to the mains water supply and thus ensures a perfectly chilled and refreshing glass of water.

Other highlights were the Viper and the Signature and these two premium frozen units impressed everyone with delicious frozen drinks. In addition, the new European Parts Catalogue was presented which can be downloaded here.

1445 companies exhibited this year at Drinktec and attracted more than 66.000 industry experts. In terms of international scope it was remarkable that 60% of the visitors travelled from overseas to Munich