Rack systems:

Cornelius is delighted to announce the expansion of our product range with a new rack system which offers a space-saving solution for your Soft Drink coolers.

Our Back Room System offers a load capacity of 700kg so that machines up to the size of the Duette4 can be accommodated on the shelf. The larger Duette5 should be sited under the shelf and for this we offer the perfect base design. Up to 8 Bag in Box Containers of 20 liters each can be stored on the shelf. Pre-drilled mounting points on all sides allow flexible mounting of Water Filter Station, Pressure Regulator Valves and Pump Panels.

The Equipment Rack offers similar options, it has a load capacity of 500 kg and the assembly of pumps panels is provided on all sides. As standard, the Equipment Rack is supplied with a lid and bottom shelf plus additional space for two shelves on which there is space for 3 more 20ltr Bag in Box Syrup Containers. Due to the flexible design and easy plug-in system, the Bag in Box shelf is expandable into a variety of formats. Offering space for 2 x 20 ltr Bag in Box Syrup Containers per shelf, the rack is fitted with wheels and so can be easily maneuvered into any available space.

For more information, please see the product data sheet: